About Us

UHRIN TRANSPORT Ltd was founded in December 1992 as a family company and by now it has developed an enterprise with over 100 employees. After transporting mass products for various customers in the beginning, the Ltd’s activity focused on one group of tasks and one client. By its present name Guardian Orosháza Ltd started the production of plate glass at this time in Orosháza. Our initial vehicle park consisting of 6 trailer trucks had increased to 22 by 1997. Then, due to the taking over of another enterprise, we started operating another 18 trailer trucks.

We established our Polish subsidiary in 2003, which focuses on the deliveries of the Guardian Orosháza Ltd’s glass factory in Poland. Following the short-time break caused by the economic crisis in 2008, our company’s fleet consists of more than 80 trailer trucks and almost 100 towed vehicles.

In the year 2012 the income of the Group exceeded HUF 2.5 billion; its capacity showed significant progress both in quantity and quality. We perform mainly international transportation services but undertake transportation for interior companies as well.